Ensemble Epomeo

String Trio

Suggested Programs

2012 – 2013


Ensemble Epomeo- David Yang, Caroline Chin, Kenneth Woods

 Program A

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Preludes and Fugues for String Trio, K404

Richard Strauss-  Variations on “‘s Deandl is harb auf mi”

Melissa Dunphy-  The Voyage of the Dreadnought (2012)


Ludwig van Beethoven-  String Trio in Eb Major, Opus 3


Hans Gal-  String Trio, Opus 104


Program B

Anton von Webern-  String Trio, Opus 20

Arnold Schoenberg-  String Trio


Alfred Schnittke- String Trio (1985)


Program C

Richard Strauss         Variations on “‘s Deandl is harb auf mi”

Alan Hohvaness           String Trio

Hans Krasa               Dance

Zoltan Kodaly            Intermezzo

Alfred Schnittke                 Adagio

(This program does not have an intermission)


Program D

Jean Cras-  String Trio

Mieczyslaw Weinberg-  String Trio, Opus 48


Leo Weiner-  String Trio