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with Auricolae Storytelling and Music Troupe

Instrumentation: violin, cello, and narrator

Best-loved stories from around the world are told through music and narrative with audience participation to the delight of students (K – 8) in a similar manner to the children’s classic, “Peter and the Wolf.”


Auricolae performing Martin Kutnoski’s “The Spots of the Toad” at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, Canada



(pre-Kindergarden to Middle School)

Repertoire includes:


Little Red Riding Hood

Ferdinand the Bull

Jack and the Beanstalk

The Bremen Town Musicians

The Ugly Duckling


There are also two specialized assemblies:


 “Tales from the East” – a Jewish/Klezmer storytelling odyssey

These tales all stem from Eastern Europe and employ extensive Yiddishkeit in the classic hilarious Catskills manner


Storytelling from Around the World

Tales representing the beautiful diversity and universality of the planet Earth with stories from Spain, Indonesia, Argentina, and Europe



Residencies have a strong literacy component. After seeing Auricolae perform, students of all ages (including pre-literate) create their own story and, over the course of multiple visits, set their own text to music. This residency can also have an arts and craft element with students making sets and props. The final concert involves the students performing text and music they wrote themselves.