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CD Review- “Verbunkos” on Complete String Trios of Hans Gal and Hans Krasa

A review from Stefano Gulizia on the blog “Verbunkos”. Read the whole thing here.

Epomeo Play Krasa and Gal


It is hard to think of composers of perhaps insufficiently recognized importance in the chamber music canon such as Hans Gál and Hans Krása. And there could hardly be a more serendipitous alliance than for them to be performed by Kenneth Woods and his Ensemble Epomeo, featuring Caroline Chin at violin and David Yang at viola. Both in his musical writing and in his score reading, Woods is fiercely committed to ideals of clarity and transparency and the results are always exciting and often astonishing…

…The chamber music performed by Woods and his Ensemble Epomeo is an exemplary site for thinking together not only about the legacy of Hans Gál and Hans Krása, but also about the current state ofEntartete Musik as belonging to a time that is ‘out of joint’, for thinking about spectrality and for thinking about a future of small-sized orchestral music whose enlightenment is indissociably bound with the exemplarity and clarity of their execution and what they have to teach us. We might see Gál and Krása, then, as a sort of night watchman in ghostly gathering: they have come to tell us about the non-contemporaneity with itself of the living present, and to suggest, Hamlet-like, that time is off its hinges.