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CD Review Pizzicato Magazine on Gal/Krasa Complete String Trios

A five- star review of the Complete String Trios of Hans Gal and Hans Krasa from the February issue of the Luxembourg-based music magazine,  Pizzicato. Read the original here(about 10 pages in)

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English translation:


H. & H. Krasa Gal: Complete String Trios, Ensemble Epomeo; 1 CD Avie 2259;

12/11 (67’08)


Hans Gál (1890-1986) escaped the Nazis and fled to Scotland, while Hans Krasa (1899-1944) after internment in Theresienstadt was finally barbarically murdered in Auschwiz.

With her ​​carefree melodies and her dance elegance Hans Gal’s nearly half-hour  neoclassical Serenade from 1932 recalls Mozart. In Gal’s Trio from the year 1971, the viola is the most important voice, around which cello and violin is ensnared: The charm of the composition is the conversation between the three instruments of Chin, Yang and Woods, and receives a stimulating and inspiring performance.  The recordings are another compelling example of the campaign Kenneth Woods leads for the music of Hans Gal with as much love as for the music as expertise.

The two works for string trio by Hans Krasa on this disc originated in Theresienstadt, written shortly before his death. ‘Tanec’ (Dance) is a piece of music, which in its mere six minutes has much to say; emerging from swirling Dance music,  then  the subliminal beginning of the unrest and increasing latent fear.  In the expressive interpretation of the Ensembles ‘Epomeo’ this produces a particularly penetrating effect, especially when one remembers what  Theresienstadt was. This is even more true  for ‘Passacaglia and Fugue,’ whose darkly moody first Part ends in a final forward-driving nightmare. ReF