Ensemble Epomeo

String Trio


Change of Program- October 19th, 2012

Hi everyone

There have been some program changes for our concert in Brooklyn on Friday. Our host, composer Michael Vincent Waller, has finished some exciting new works that we all agreed ought be added to the program, so we’ve sadly had to cancelled the Schnittke and Mozart Trios originally announced. Here is the final running order for the concert:

New Renaissance
Ensemble Epomeo

Michael Vi

ncent Waller
Glissando Phase III (2011/rev. 2012)*

Michael Vincent Waller
Studiare per Zero Quartetti (2012)
Part II
Part III

Michael Vincent Waller
Allegoria della Primavera (2012)

Michael Vincent Waller
Y per Henry Flynt (2012)

—- intermission —-

Lou Harrison
String Trio (1946)

Michael Vincent Waller
Per La Madre e La Nonna (2012)*

James Tenney
Koan (1971)
[Arranged for violin duo by Michael Waller]

Michael Vincent Waller
Studiare per Zero Quartetti (2012)
Part I

Ludwig van Beethoven
Op. 3, String Trio No. 1 in E-Flat Major (1784)
VI. Allegro (Finale)

*world premiere

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