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An important update from Ensemble Epomeo

Hi everyone

Well, our CD project is on the home stretch. Since we last wrote to you, we have come a long, long way with our fundraiser– we’ve now raised $4,381 of the $8,000 we need to release this disc, a huge improvement in just 2 weeks.
The disc itself is also nearly finished. The booklet and packaging is done and has been sent to the manufacturer (read about the process here), and the work on music itself is nearly complete. While the world has been watching the Olympics, we’ve been working intensely with our producer Simon Fox, to finish the final editing and mastering of the disc, and tomorrow, the recording goes to the pressing plant. We’re in awe of the work he’s done on the disc, and very excited about how it is all sounding.
It’s been quite emotional for all of us to hear the recording as it reaches completion. Listening to yourself critically is always draining and fraught, but even with our editing ears on, we’ve been really struck by how moving and exciting these pieces are. It’s terrible to think such wonderful, inspiring and powerful music could remain lost or ignored for so long.  We’ve lived with these pieces a long time, but this has been our first chance to sit back and be listeners without having to focus on counting and playing. Gal’s Serenade has waited 81 years for a first recording- when you hear the piece, you won’t believe anything so gorgeous could be ignored for so long.
But we can’t take anything for granted. We’ve been ploughing ahead at full speed confident that we can count on all of you to come through for us, but the fact is, if we don’t meet our goals, we can’t pay our manufacturing and royalty costs, and the disc won’t come out.
Eighty-one years. That’s how long Gal has waited for someone else to make the effort to put  some of this music before the public. Someone else isn’t going to do it. We have to do it. We need you to help us do it!
We’ve got 16 days left! Help us make it happen
Caroline, David and Ken

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